ERP 2.0

ERP took the world by strom a while ago and quickly, the so called leader organizations took the lead in deploying one or another ERP solutions available in market. No doubt, most of them got handsome benefits but some of them fell flat on their face when they found that implmenting ERP is not that easy. Infact, it is not ERP but the internal change management that is much more difficult to manage and often the blame comes to ERP. Anyhow, the thing I want to highlight is that while bigger organizations had the resources to look at different solutions and select the best as per their needs, the smaller and the micro level organizations were wary of the huge investments they have to make for getting this done.

The industry took a little longer time to realize that and then we started seeing small scale solutions for not so big organizations for almost all major providers. Still, the ERP providers were not able to tap the potential to the fullest and very recently ( couple of years back), the concept of hosted solutions started taking real shape and ERP 2.0 was born. Now is the time when any size company can go ahead and deploy ERP solutions for their business requirements without having to worry about the huge capex costs involved in it. This really is a boon for them and obviously hosted ERP solutions have started growing rapidly.

The recent events of Lehman Brothers, Merill and AIG has once again highlighted the point of not investing big money anywhere and utilize the same money in running the already sluggish business (at least in these testing times). The whole story for ERP 2.0 looks rosier now but there are still few questions that are required to be answered before this can really take off to higher levels. Questions like data security will come time and again till we answer them satisfactorily.....

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