Uninvited guests on our WiFi networks

Recently, Indian security agencies found that the warning email for blasts was sent by stealing somebody's identity. This identity and network theft was possible because the person was using WiFi network instead of wired network at his home for connecting to internet. This poses a real problem for all of us since internet is fast becoming a necessity and having a WiFi network always increase the comfort level of operating your notebook from anywhere in home. Couple of days back, I saw articles on rediff as well as economictimes where they highlighted the concerns of the security agencies.

While usage of password protection and changing your passwords daily is one way to keep yourself protected, but I am sure the hackers must have found ways and means to crack even the most powerful passwords by now so we are back to square one on this. There are few more ways to protect your network and I will talk on them in my blog next week as I seriously think that this is one of those tiny "bits" we can do to protect our country and people by not letting uninvited people using our resources for ugly purposes.

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