Results of Latest Survey

I often get queries from readers that how can they get to see the results of the older surveys that are run on this site and as a result I have decided to post the results of each survey in this site so that these can be referenced by everybody at a later time also.
To startwith, here is the result of the last survey that was to find out how many releases away are companies, from their ERP vendor's latest release. The results are:

  • 14% companies are at par with ERP Vendor latest release
  • 38% organizations are only one release behind
  • 19% of them are 2 to 3 releases behind
  • Again 19% are 3 to 5 releases behind
  • And just 9% are more than 5 releases behind

The total number of votes we got on this survey was 221.

This means that though more than 50% organizations that are using ERP, are either upto date or are only 1 release behind, which is a startling fact. On the other hand, rest of them which is also close to about 50%, are more than 2 releases behind and sooner than later they need to move to the next release. Hmmmm, so we all see some business there, right?

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