Motivated by getting chosen by Google as Top Site on SCM and ERP Resources

I understand that one of the Top SEO strategies include getting there on the first page on Google search for your chosen key word and multiple companies deploy good number of techniques to be there and be visible to the world when searched through the premier search engine of the world. It was a pleasant surprise for me when I was told by few of my regular readers that they bumped onto my blog when searching  for either ERP or SCM resources such as Trends, Strategies, Best Practices etc. and they found me on the very first page, rather in top 3 or 4 results on the first page in not one but multiple searches using different key words. Well, that motivated me a means what I write is not completely offers value to some people and am thankful to all of them to have given me enough reason to keep this hobby (addiction) going.  I myself tried few searches and found that if somebody searches for below key words (not exhaustive list), then they will find this blog on the first page (infact in top 3-4 results):
  • SCM and ERP Trends
  • ERP Strategy for Go Live
  • Best Practices for ERP Deployment
  • Ways to reduce ERP implementation Cost
  • SCM and ERP Strategies
  • Key metrics to optimize your inventory
  • Data quality index in SCM
  • Data quality index in ERP
  • Lean blended with ERP
  • Lean principles in ERP
  • ERP version upgrade or re-implementation
  • Supply chain intelligence usage to improve operations
Thank you readers and thank you Google! 


  1. this is great

  2. I reached your blog while searching for "Demand Management in ERP" and yours was the 2nd result in Google's first page. Just to add to your kitty of keywords.

    There is immense knowledge to share in this blog and the world is acknowledging your efforts. Keep it up bro!


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