Dig into your ERP Portfolio to ensure future fitment and growth synergy

The two major players in the global ERP market are Oracle and SAP and both have most of the business functions covered but rest of the ERP providers large or small – old or new, all have some limitations and some excellent strength(s). It is imperative to dig into the ERP of our choice not only from the present functionalities and other capabilities wise but also from future product strategy, fitment with your own future strategy and other growth oriented plans like consolidation of businesses, merging with an acquisition etc.

I found an excellent article on SAP’s portfolio that does a detailed analysis of their capabilities vis-à-vis different industries, business functions, deployment options and pricing structures and I will strongly recommend the software buyers to go through the similar research based on their requirements before selecting the ERP product family. The snapshot of the business function wise table for all SAP products, from the same article is provide here.

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