Manufacturing ERP Software options - Select the best for your industry

Last meeting with the industry stalwarts was very enlightening as all of us shared our experiences with multiple ERP platforms that are in use in one or other's company presently. Since our group is a fairly diversified group (within manufacturing) with representations from multiple industries, the information shared by all was quite valuable. I thought of sharing the industry wise ERP products availability with my readers so that this can help them evaluate the pertinent products before selecting a manufacturing ERP product for their industry/company. The details are as below:

Aerospace and Defense Industry: Cincom, Epicor, IFS, Oracle, Plex Systems, SAP
Automotive Industry: Epicor, Glovia, IFS, Infor, IQMS, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Plex Systems, QAD, SAP, Syspro
Chemicals Indsutry: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, ,SAP
Consumer packaged goods: IQMS, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, QAD, SAP
Electronics Equipment: Consona, Epicor, Glovia, IQMS, Oracle, QAD, SAP, Syspro
Engineering & Construction: Oracle, SAP
Fabricated Metals: Epicor, Sage, SAP
Food & Beverages: Lawson software, QAD, SAP, Syspro
Furniture & Wood Products: Consona, Sage
Hi Tech Products: IFS, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP
Industrial Products and Heavy Machinery: Cincom, Consona, IFS, Infor, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, QAD, SAP, Syspro
Life Sciences: Oracle, QAD, SAP
Medical Equipment: Epicor, IQMS, Oracle, Plex Systems, Syspro
Process Industry: IFS, Infor, Oracle, Sage
Rubber & Plastics: Epicor, IQMS, Oracle


  1. Interesting and useful. How did you come up with the vendor selection for each industry?

  2. It's great to see the development of this software in a variety of industries. With so many needed ERP solutions, the development of these products will be exciting as time goes on.


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