Critical Success Factors for ERP Deployment

InfoVerto has long experience of executing ERP projects worldwide and from its experience, it has compiled  a small list of critical success factors for ERP Solution deployment in an organization. This list of factors is not an exhuastive list of all success factors but represent a crux of few critical ones that has the potential of being a driving factor for success or failure of an ERP program. Have a look:
  • Pre-Work Quality: There is a need to create a project charter, organization and have well defined objectives before starting the project so that every stakeholder and participant is on same wavelength and know their responsibilities as well as deliverables. Pre-Work will also include readiness check in terms of processes, skill set availability, bandwidth availability, budget, executive leadership keenness etc.
  • Executive Sponsorship: A clear-cut and consistent mandate and support from the top executives of the organization is THE most important success factor for you as it will ensure that the projects is getting the right visibility as well as importance and is tracked for its progress at the highest level in all the divisions
  • Participation of business teams: ERP project is never an IT alone project and It teams can never pull together ERP projects without the participation of business for the simple fact that it is the business that will use the system after it goes love so not only they need to own the design of new system, they also need to project it rightly in their teams so that a positive buzz is created for the new system in the organization
  • Market the project rightly: A strong feeling in employees is always there that after ERP is implemented, they will see manpower reduction and this increase their resistance to change or they want to prove that the new system will not prove beneficial for the organization or the organization is still not ready for the new system. It is important to market the project addressing the issues of employee and regular communication needs to go to them highlighting progress of the project as well as what benefits it can bring to their daily work routines
  • Map the business processes to system and not vice versa: ERP system is coming to help your business grow and increase efficiency and not the other way round, so please make sure that defining business processes is given utmost importance and compromises in the processes are at the lowest level, to accommodate ERP functionality. It can increase the level of customization in your instance but there is a need to review each and every process deviation due to product-requirement mismatch before taking a decision to tweak the process
  • Change Management: This is one of the biggest non technology challenges in an ERP implementation and need to be planned pro-actively. Inadequate change management can derail even the best managed project and it demands a clear cut strategy to manage change in the organization
  • Address Product Gaps: There will always be some product gaps that will stop you to map the whole requirement set to the product and a customized solution will need to be put in place. (If you have selected the right ERP software then the probability of having gaps will be much lower). It is important that these requirements and their solutions are well discussed in the team and should be taken up with the ERP Vendor before starting to customize the application as it will add complexity which will result in more robust testing, bug fixing and documentation resulting into reduced bandwidth of team
  • ERP deployment partner: Having a consultative, knowledgable and experienced ERP Service Provider always helps to increase your chances to have a best in class solution as well as reducing the failure potential of your project. It is imperative that sufficient research is done in this field before selecting an ERP service provider and you leverage the tools & frameworks available on web to complete your study before taking a final decision  
It is important that you take care of all above points while planning for the ERP project for your organization and increase the succcess potential of the project.

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