ERP Trend: Changing role of ERP in the eyes of a CIO

Few months back, we left the worst behind and the economy started showing signs of a recovery though not a smart one but slowly and steadily it has started moving in the right direction. Most of the CIOs survived 2009 by cutting costs with the help of ERP and of overall IT operations but 2010 has come up with a new kind of challenge that is to grow and expand, keeping the capacities as more or less same. This challenge has come up for the organizations as they are still cautious in their approach in expanding operations by investing more due to the slow pace of economy recovery and doubts in the minds of experts that it will sustain or not. They do not want to lose the opportunity to encash the recovery but also are practicing restraint in investing.

This has changed the approach CIOs also and they have started initiatives of increasing productivity from the same infrastructure in addition of continuous efforts to reduce the costs (or increase the cost efficiency). So the economic conditions required CIOs to shift their focus from cost-efficiency to raising resource productivity and the ERP solutions, this year, will be more focused on increasing the productivity of staff, operations, and infrastructure and this will be pertinent for existing ERP deployments as well as ongoing or yet to start projects.

The model that is gaining ground and will gain more ground in coming months is like described below:

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