What is your reason to go for eProcurement Initiative?

Successful technology management provides an opportunity for procurement departments to meet or even exceed established business targets by increasing spend and capturing savings generated through the innovation it provides. To attain procurement goals through technology in future, companies may look to expand, update, or even replace their current platforms. Yet to garner executive support for these investments, eProcurement initiatives will need to demonstrate continued measurable benefits. In a survey by InfoVerto, we intend to find out which are the top reasons or justifications that CIOs or CPOs have to go for eProcurement initiatives.

The top reasons as per InfoVerto are given below:
  • Increase visibility into spend & its increase
  • Simplify the buying experience for the end-user
  • Measure compliance against negotiated contracts
  • Incomplete coverage of spend types / catalog categories
  • Confusion on policy and requirements for buying products or services Confusion on policy and requirements
  • Employee reluctance to use the eProcurement system(s) currently in place
  • Difficulty in understanding/leveraging information generated in the eProcurement system
  • Increased operational cost of IT management for existing procurement solutions
  • Difficulty in finding desired products or services in the eProcurement system's catalog(s)
  • Set targets to improve the efficiency of the procurement
  • Institute a change management program or internal marketing campaign for eProcurement
  • Lower the capital cost of IT management (hardware, facilities, software licenses)

Let us know if there are other reasons or your reason is one of these in the above survey.

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