How manufacturing software can save your business money

Manufacturing software can provide significant savings for your business. Types of manufacturing software range from programs that can set up modules for different areas of production in a factory, through to shop floor monitoring and tasking of different routines via voice-activated headphones, and the tracking of goods along a supply chain.

One of the key strengths of manufacturing software is that it reduces human error by partly automating shop floor practices, and also allows for some remote management of resources. Systems typically fall under Enterprise Resource Planning tools, and combine on site hardware with software that can enable wireless and cloud based access for factory floors and production lines.

Some of the key ways in which businesses can save money through manufacturing software consequently include better workflow management, improved quality control and costing, and more efficient supply chain management and best practice planning.

1 - Workflow Management

manufacturing software program from Epicor allows you to break down different parts of your production processes into modules. Optimum conditions and the amount of statistics and algorithms required for each can be established to provide the best possible production line schedules.

Workflow and staffing can be allocated based on this data, with managers able to implement material requirements planning for specific tasks, while also analysing future sales and distribution. This increased efficiency ultimately helps to keep a business running faster and more profitably.

2 - Quality Control

Manufacturing software can detect and alert engineers and managers about defective products and changes in a production line. This information can be relayed to nearby engineers wirelessly if one isn’t on site for rapid troubleshooting. As a result, any product defects can be resolved before goods are sent out to clients, reducing potential losses caused by product recalls.

3 - Costing

By using manufacturing software, it is possible for you to better track revenues and the overall performance of your business. Modules can be set up to break down labour and mechanical costs, while also identifying where overtime and expenses can be cut down.

Higher expenses as the result of inefficient staffing can be reduced, and processes sped up to encourage best practices. Other costing benefits involve being able to draw up figures for inventory and maintenance of production equipment from databases, which can be used to identify any excess stock or faults.

4 - Supply Chain Management

Moreover, manufacturing software enables you to take better control of your overall supply chain management, from the time that products are manufactured through to their distribution. Software can tag and track items as they pass from the production line into distribution channels, and can ensure that any problems with delivery dates and customer or client satisfaction can be tackled, and optimum performance levels maintained across a business.

5 - Best Practices

Perhaps most importantly, manufacturing software will save your business money by allowing you to view the entire process and performance of your operation. Software can be used to analyse year on year trends, and to make clear forecasts on your profit margins, and what your best practices should be.

Key performance indicators can consequently be used to work out how your business should ideally be running, allowing you to better budget and anticipate any cuts without necessarily slowing down a production line or reworking your staffing costs.


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